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Water and Sewerage Department

Lifeline Plan: Detroit's first income-based water affordability plan. Your monthly bill could be as low as $18 and your past due balance erased!

We deliver some of the world’s cleanest, safest drinking water.


The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) delivers clean water and collects sanitary sewage and stormwater from more than 230,000 accounts, representing a residential population of nearly 700,000.

DWSD’s water system consists of more than 2,700 miles of water main and 29,000-plus fire hydrants, and the combined sewer collection system has nearly 3,000 miles of sewer piping, more than 90,000 catch basins and 16 green stormwater infrastructure projects within the city of Detroit. Since June 2019, DWSD has committed $100 million per year to begin to address the aging infrastructure, including replacing lead service lines.




$40M Detroit Water and Sewerage Department project to increase capacity in the local and regional sewer system

Mayor, DWSD announce Detroit’s first income-based water affordability plan

Earlier this year, Detroit Water & Sewerage Department’s (DWSD) Director Gary Brown made a groundbreaking commitment to opportunities and inclusion for contractors, suppliers, and employees. To support his bold vision, he created a new director-level position – the Opportunity & Inclusion Director.