Billing and Payments

Your water bill payments make all the difference. Thanks to your payments, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) can continue to:

  • Clean catch basins to reduce flooding (30,000 storm drains cleaned already);
  • Replace water mains and lead service lines to improve clean water delivery;
  • Lining the sewer collection system to improve sewage flow; and
  • Install Green Stormwater Infrastructure in medians and parks to reduce sewage overflows into the Detroit and Rouge rivers.

All across Detroit, DWSD employees -- most of whom are Detroit residents -- are working hard for you and your neighbors, even during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Your water and sewer bill payments make it possible for us to keep the work going. Your continued payments make all the difference. Thanks to you, we can keep making critical improvements to upgrade our 100-year-old systems for all of us. Let's continue to be that difference.

If you need help paying your bill, we're here to help. DWSD has Customer Affordability Programs available, including plumbing repairs and payment assistance for eligible households. Call 313-267-8000 or click here for more information.

DWSD Billing and Payments

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) wants to help you understand your monthly bill. In November 2016, the department introduced an entirely new design with these improvements:

  • Easy to read
  • Less cluttered - detail when you want it
  • Clearly identify your amount due
  • Usage comparison
  • Ways to pay your bill

The Detroit water, sewer and drainage rates are reviewed every spring and adjusted, if needed, every summer. The Detroit Board of Water Commissioners, in a public forum, reviews and approves the rates for Detroit residential and commercial customers.

Several factors are computed as part of the Detroit water and sewer rates. They include:

  • Water purchased through the Great Lakes Water Authority;
  • Citywide volume usage;
  • Operation and maintenance of distribution lines, water mains and sewer infrastructure;
  • Capital improvement programs;
  • Sewerage disposal;
  • Collecting and treating rain water and snow melt from rooftops, lawns and paved surfaces;
  • Cost of noncollectable accounts from residents and businesses; and
  • Debt payments.


Water and sewerage rates for Detroit DWSD customers effective July 1, 2020

DWSD schedule of fees, effective July 1, 2020


The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) offers safe, convenient ways to pay your bill.


Payment Kiosks

Make a payment on your water, sewer and/or drainage bill with cash, personal check or credit at a kiosk near your home or work. More than 50 kiosk locations are available, and some are accessible seven days-a-week and 24 hours. The DivDat kiosks are cleaned and sanitized daily. Find your nearby kiosk.

Customer Portal

DWSD's Customer Portal takes online bill pay to an entirely new level. Once you register your account on the new web portal, you will be able to make and schedule payments, enroll in auto-pay, see your water usage in real-time, and enter a payment plan arrangement. All from any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. Watch this video and learn how to register by watching this video. If your name is not on your DWSD account, please contact Customer Service before you register online. Visit the Customer Portal.

Phone at 313-267-8000

You can pay your bill by phone using your credit/debit card or checking account information with DWSD's automated phone system. When you call 313-267-8000, choose the pay-by-phone option.

Mail Your Payment

Send your payment by mail with check or money order payable to the "Board of Water Commissioners" and write your DWSD account number on the memo line. Please allow for postal delivery time and bank processing by sending at least 10 days before the due date. Mail to:

Board of Water Commissioners
Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
PO Box 554899
Detroit, MI 48255-4899 

DWSD Payment Kiosk

Pay your Detroit water and sewer bill at more than 50 locations in and around the city on the DivDat Kiosk Network.

DWSD Water Bill Payment Kiosk Location Finder

Visit a kiosk to:

  • Pay with cash, personal check or credit at no extra fee
  • Review your account information using your service address or account number, or scan your bill
  • Have your payment applied to your account the same day when paying with cash
  • Conveniently pay near your home or work
  • The kiosks are cleaned and sanitized daily.

A monthly-billed customer of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) may dispute a bill not later than twenty-eight (28) days after the billing date. After the period expires, the customer forfeits the right to dispute the bill.

To dispute the bill, call DWSD at 313-267-8000.



Water and sewerage rates for Detroit DWSD customers effective July 1, 2021

Explanation of charges for residential customers FY2021-22