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Fire Hydrant Use Information

General Information

Permitted users are responsible for the following:

  • Any damage to the fire hydrant outside of normal usage
  • Having knowledgeable individual to operate the hydrant
  • Disconnect hoses from hydrant when not in use
  • Use an approved backflow preventer to eliminate any possibility of contamination of the water supply
  • The hydrant must be accessible for emergency service at all times
  • Contractors that may operate a Hydrant, shall confirm they viewed the training video and conducted proper training along with supplying the correct tool list to their on-site personnel.

Short Term Hydrant Use
Users shall apply for permit and follow conditions on permit form

Long Term Hydrant Use
Hydrant use is intended to be properly turned on/off and drained after use; in order to prevent improper use of the hydrant that can cause a main break, or damage to the hydrant, DWSD does not allow for long term connection to a hydrant. For seasonal use where temporary water supply is needed, we require that customer provide and install a 1" service line that is located in a Wabash box. This service line and box is at the customers cost and will need to be inspected by DWSD; Inspection fees are currently $650/day.

For long-term use, a meter will be used for monthly billing based on water used.
Contact Dworlett Garner or Mohamed Boudali to start the process.

Complete hydrant permit form and submit for approval.
Fee and deposit for the meter will be collected, customer receives permit and receipt. Based on the start date noted in the permit form, DWSD will co-ordinate to have meter installed.
Customer to adhere to the conditions stated in the use permit.