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Fire Hydrant Use & Maintenance

Fire hydrants are used for fire suppression and to help ensure water quality. Other uses may be authorized through a permit from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD). Watch this video to learn more.

General Information

Authorized users with a DWSD permit are responsible for the following:

  • Any damage to the fire hydrant outside of normal usage;
  • Having a knowledgeable individual to operate the hydrant;
  • Disconnecting hoses from hydrant when not in use;
  • Using an approved backflow preventer to eliminate any possibility of contamination of the water supply;
  • Ensuring the hydrant remains accessible for emergency service at all times; and 
  • Contractors that may operate a Hydrant, shall confirm they viewed the training video and conducted proper training along with supplying the correct tool list to their on-site personnel.

Short-Term Hydrant Use
Users shall apply for permit and follow conditions on permit form.

Long-Term Hydrant Use
Authorized hydrant use includes the properly turning on/off and draining after use in order to prevent improper use of the hydrant that can cause a water main break or damage to the hydrant. DWSD does not allow for long-term connection to a hydrant. For seasonal use where temporary water supply is needed, DWSD requires that customer provide and install a 1-inch service line that is located in a Wabash box. This service line and box is at the customer's cost and will need to be inspected by DWSD (check the current DWSD fee schedule).

For long-term use, a meter will be used for monthly billing based on water used.
Contact Dworlett Garner or Mohamed Boudali to start the process.