District 4 Community Advisory Council Meeting



Regular CAC Meeting December 13th 7:00 PM 

Charity Lutheran Church. 17220 Kelly Rd, Detroit, MI 48224 


Join Zoom Meeting online:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83428563744?pwd=SHAzL1kwTmcyYm1PdkdzNVNLNUZ6dz09#success 


Meeting ID: 834 2856 3744 Passcode: 4 By phone:  (312) 626-6799 


I. Call to Order and Roll Call. Scotty Boman – Chair. 

  1. Introduction Of City Council Representative Latisha Johnson (or her Representative 
  2.  Introduction of guest elected officials. 

II. Adoption of Agenda (Formatted to Sec. 14-9-26 of Detroit Municipal Code). III. Approval of prior meeting minutes – Secretary. IV. Presentations, Hearings, and Discussions 

  1. Summary of the December 3rd Meeting with Mayor Mike Duggan. 
  2. Discussion with the Detroit City Council (if they attend).  

V. Unfinished Business 

VI. New Business VII. Reports 

  1. Individual closing statements from departing members. 

VIII. Public Comment IX. Adjournment