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Property Assessment Board of Review Process

How to Appeal Your Assessment

There are three steps to the annual appeal process:

  1. Assessors Review (local)
  2. March Board of Review (local)
  3. Michigan Tax Tribunal (state)

Assessors Review can take into account such circumstances as structural defects, fire damage or demolition.  Property Owner/Authorized Agent may appeal the assessed value at this time.  Persons acting as the authorized agent for the property owner must submit a completed “Letter of Authorization”, as prescribed by the City of Detroit.  All companies, LLC’s and/or Corporations must provide organization documents along with title and name of authorized person to act on behalf of the company. Properties may be subject to interior/exterior inspection based on statement or evidence provided. If you would like to speak with an appraiser; a scheduled appointment will be made over the phone. 


 2022 Assessor Appeals is now closed.   To appear before the Board of Review, an appeal must be made during the February Assessors Review Period, February 1, 2022 thru February 22, 2022.   Appeals will only be accepted during February 1, 2022 thru February 22, 2022 timeframe. Any appeal submitted before that date will not be accepted. Additionally, the appeal must be for the 2022 year only.


Property Owner/Authorized Agent may Appeal online, by letter, or email [email protected].   If the appeal is in writing, the mail must be postmarked by February 22, 2022. A drop box is located outside the Woodward public entrance of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center to submit your appeal.   Faxed appeals will not be accepted. 

To service the City's taxpayers more efficiently we have initiated a process which will be required in situations involving multiple appeals.  If you are filing appeals concerning more than 10 parcels, the Multiple Parcel Appeal Letter and Multiple Parcel Appeal Spreadsheet will be the manner in which you may present your appeals to both the Assessors Review and March Board of Review.  Representatives must provide a Letter of Authorization.


The office address is:
City of Detroit - Assessors Review 
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center 
2 Woodward Ave., Suite 824 
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 224-3035


Taxpayers who are dissatisfied with the February Assessors Review decision may appeal to the March Board of Review:

City of Detroit - Board of Review
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center 
2 Woodward Ave., Suite 824 
Detroit, MI 48226


In accordance with the Open Meeting Act, MCL 15.261, et seq., due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to protect the health of the public, participants and Board Members, the Board of Review shall conduct its meetings remotely.

For Assessment year 2022 only, you will receive a Zoom or phone appointment to appear before the Board of Review.

March Board of Review begins the Tuesday following the first Monday in March (March 8, 2022) and ends March 26, 2022. Your appeal must be received by the third Monday of March. Taxpayers will receive an appointment to appear before the Board of Review.

Michigan Tax Tribunal
Property Classified Residential Real Property
Protest at the March Board of Review is necessary to protect your rights to further appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal for valuation and exemption appeals and/or State Tax Commission for classification appeals. To appeal a decision of the March Board of Review, you must Petition to the Michigan Tax Tribunal by July 31st of the current yearPlease visit for the appropriate appeal form.

Property Classified Commercial Real, Industrial Real, Personal Property
Commercial, Industrial and Personal Property Taxpayers may appeal to the City of Detroit or directly to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. If they chose to appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal, they must do so in writing by May 31st.  Additionally, Personal Property owners must have filed their Personal Property statement by February 20, 2022.  Residential Property must begin the appeals process February 1st thru 22nd at the Assessors Review.  

Michigan Tax Tribunal
P.O. Box 30232
Lansing, MI  48909
(517) 335-9760


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