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Coolidge Terminal Replacement Project

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The Detroit Department of Transportation’s (DDOT), Coolidge Terminal, and Maintenance Facility operated transit service from 1928 until December 2011, when a fire destroyed part of the facility that halted operations. Plans to reconstruct the terminal were placed on hold as Detroit faced the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. 

DDOT now proposes to construct a new bus maintenance, storage, and operations center on the existing Coolidge Terminal site at 14044 Schaefer Highway in Detroit, Michigan. The entire Coolidge Terminal site will be cleared, including the demolition of all six existing structures.  

The Coolidge Replacement Facility will accommodate 24-hour operations and initially accommodate 148 buses, with the capacity to expand to up to 216 buses in the future. Both modern 40-foot buses and 60-foot articulated buses  will be stored and maintained at this facility.

 The new facility will provide 245 parking spaces (230 staff including bus drivers, maintenance, operations, and administrative personnel, and 15 parking spaces for visitors.

The Coolidge Terminal Replacement Project  includes the construction of  three new buildings:  
•    Bus Storage and Coach Services Building, including bus washing and temporary bus storage bays and expandable in the future;  
•    Fleet Maintenance w/Parts Storeroom, expandable in the future; and 
•    Operations and Administration.  

Additionally, the Project includes:  
•    Bus circulation within the site; 
•    245-space employee/visitor surface parking lot, expandable in the future;  
•    Utility Yard;  
•    Stormwater management, landscaping, perimeter visual barriers;  
•    Space for future plant maintenance/bus stop crew, bus stop maintenance yard; and 
•    Ancillary services for non-revenue and coach tires (supply, repair, recap, scrap). 

DDOT anticipates the facility to be completed in 2024. However, DDOT is planning to conduct public meetings during the design phase of this project, where members of the public will receive up-to-date information on the project and can review the project, provide feedback, and ask questions.

The first virtual public meeting took place Thursday, June 30 at 10 a.m. The purpose of the meeting was to provide the public with the project overview and to describe the federal government’s involvement in the project,  the NEPA, Section 106 , and Section 4(f) Requirements. The public was given the opportunity to provide questions and comments during this meeting.


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