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La ciudad de Detroit tiene varias aplicaciones disponibles para ayudar a nuestros ciudadanos. Esta página enumera todas las aplicaciones basadas en la web disponibles para la ciudad, incluidas las aplicaciones creadas internamente y las aplicaciones de terceros.

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The map shows regulated affordable housing in Detroit. You can apply for these units and find out about specific eligibility requirements and availability by contacting the property manager directly.

This map will help you understand the complexity of the census.

The Crime Viewer is a tool for residents to visualize crime data. By putting information in the hands of residents, the Detroit Police Department hopes to work together to promote a safer community.

DDOT.info is a mobile friendly way for bus riders to access schedules and real-time arrival information for all DDOT routes and bus stops.

Demo Alerts is a text messaging service to help communicate when and where demolitions are planned to occur.

Explore current real estate development opportunities using the Detroit Development Opportunity Map.

Now for your convenience, pay your Detroit water and sewer bill at more than 70 locations in and around the city on the DivDat kiosk network. Use this map to search kiosk locations.

DWSD charges a drainage fee on the impervious surface area of a parcel. This map allows users to see the total impervious surface acreage on a parcel.

For reporting running water, potholes, damaged street signs, and other issues the Improve Detroit mobile app makes reporting a neighborhood problem to City Hall easier than ever.

This option is for non-smartphone users. Reporting running water, potholes, damaged street signs, and other issues the Improve Detroit makes reporting a neighborhood problem to City Hall easier than ever.

Find information about city council districts including boundaries, council member, district managers and more.

Search officially designated historic districts citywide, find boundaries, and see the date the historic district designation was enacted.

Busque distritos históricos designados oficialmente en toda la ciudad, encuentre límites y vea la fecha en que se promulgó la designación de distrito histórico.

The Neighborhood Improve Tracker maps demolitions, Detroit Land Bank Authority sales and ownership, and building permits data to show property activity across neighborhoods.

Night Shift is a partnership between DDOT and Lyft to provide Detroiters a ride to and from their bus stop late at night.

In accordance with the Mayor's Executive Order 2015-2 , the Open Checkbook will give Detroiters the ability to see city payments to vendors that make government work for residents every day.

The Parcel Viewer is a tool to quickly lookup basic details about parcels in the city of Detroit.

An easy and convenient way to pay for parking in Detroit.

View information about parks throughout the city including location, amenities, and hours.

Search and pay for parking tickets online.

Search online to pay or contest a parking ticket.

DWSD's mobile-friendly customer care site, helping Detroiters pay their water, sewerage and drainage bill online and see their real-time water usage.

This project is the first of its kind, blending a mix of real-time crime-fighting and community policing aimed at improving neighborhood safety and strengthening DPD’s efforts to deter, identify, and solve crime.

The recycling challenge is an educational game to learn what types of waste are recyclable. Upon completion of the game, sign up for a free recycle bin.

The Rental Map visualizes the status of rental properties by zip code according to the compliance schedule determined by the Property Maintenance Ordinance.

Explore information about food safety inspections in the City of Detroit Find inspection results of restaurants and other food service establishments, like school cafeterias and stadium concessions, that are inspected by the Detroit Health Department.

Schedule an appointment to apply for Detroit ID at Patton Rec Center.

Schedule an appointment to apply for Detroit ID at Samaritan Center.

Waste Pickup Reminders is a weekly text message that arrives the evening before your scheduled trash, recycling, yard waste, or bulk pickup. Special reminders go out for holiday schedule changes and other irregular events, like Christmas tree pickups.

Search a waste item and see where and how to properly dispose of it.

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