Detroit Animal Care celebrates milestone of 1000th dog this year to be transferred to partner agencies


Detroit Animal Care celebrates milestone of 1000th dog this year to be transferred to partner agencies

  • City has agreements with multiple rescues and shelters to take dogs, care for them and help find permanent homes
  • Partnership has been vital to Detroit’s new status as a No-Kill Shelter
  • Detroit shelter’s live release rate has exceeded 90% for the past two years

The Detroit Animal Control and Care is celebrating its 1000th dog transfer to rescue partners this year,
a milestone that is helping maintain the City’s shelter as a No Kill Shelter, Animal Care Director Mark
Kumpf announced today.

The DAC teamed up with statewide rescues and shelters to ease the strain on the Detroit Animal
Shelter by transferring dogs to help assist in getting more animals adopted. The partnership has
played a major role in Detroit Animal Care continuing to operate as a no-kill shelter with a greater
than 90% Live Release Rate for the past two years.

“Our partners are key to the Detroit Animal Care’s success. We take in hundreds of dogs a month and
treat as many as we possibly can," said Detroit Animal Care Director Mark Kumpf. “Simply put, on a
daily basis, we have more animals come in than go out for adoption. Our partners have allowed us to
transfer out dogs when we are not able to take in anymore. This allows us to focus on giving the
animals in our care the best possible treatment they deserve.”

Since the inception of the partnerships in October 2015, DAC has worked with many organizations
regularly and has transferred nearly 8,000 animals to prevent overcrowding at the Detroit shelter and
aid in urgent medical needs.

The 1000th transfer was Dexter, an 8-week-old pit bull mix (seen in pictures below). He was picked up as a stray on Monday, September 13th.  Upon intake, Dexter tested positive for Parvo and was put into isolation. DAC teams reached out to one of their partners, Paws for Life Rescue, who then picked up Dexter within just a couple of hours and provided him with medical attention. Dexter has since been released from the veterinarian hospital and is doing well in a foster home.

”We are very proud of the partnership we have with DAC and we are always willing to help out when
needed,” said Courtney Protz-Sanders, Executive Director of Paws for Life Rescue “Every shelter needs rescue partners and when we can help with an animal who is ill or injured or may need care beyond what the shelter can handle at that specific  time, we want them to call us to help."

The shelter’s Live Release Rate is currently 93% and has seen a consistent improvement from year to
year. “Our goal is to give every animal the love and care it deserves. At times, due to the pure volume, we need to rely on others,” said Detroit Animal Care veterinarian Dr. Patricia Bigwood. “We are grateful our partners not only help us treat and take care of the animals but also help find them their forever home.”

The Detroit Animal Care is urging all Detroit residents who own dogs to make sure their animals are
secured, licensed and have a microchip. For anyone needing a dog license, interested in fostering or
adopting an animal, go to the Detroit Animal Care shelter located at 7401 Chrysler Drive from
10:30AM - 3PM seven days a week or email [email protected] 


Dexter is the1000th dog transferred to Detroit Animal Care partners this year. Upon intake, Dexter was diagnosed with Parvo.


Dexter is doing very well today and continuing his recovery in a foster home until he is cleared for adoption.